About DDMBA Washington Chapter

As early as 2001 Nov., a group of dedicated practitioners formed the Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association Washington Practice Group.  They have managed to arrange a public speech given by Ven. Master Sheng Yenvat UW with 1200 people attending in 2002.  Subsequently, the Practice Group is upgraded to Washington Point of Contact.

In 2003, we started renting classrooms from community centers (such as Redmond Community Center) to host activities such as bookstudy and group meditation.  The following year, we started renting a business office for regular meeting and activity place.  We added two more monthly regular practices: Buddha name recitation and Great Compassion Mantra Repentance Dharma Ceremony.

In year 2005, our status upgraded from Washington Point of Contact to Washington Chapter.  Our chapter had seen growth in attendance, expanded the varieties of the activities such as children’s summer camp and calligraphy classes, and participated in community services.  We regularly invited Venerables from other DDMBA chapters to host Buddhist educational and practitional activities.

In year 2015, we have moved to current rental location. We continue to serve with more expanded activities such as Dharma lectures, Water-Land Dharma Ceremonies, Buddha’s Day Ceremony, Beginner’s Meditation Class, Beginner’s Buddhist Learner Class, etc. Our current location is gradually facing issues with lack of space and the risk of losing the rental location due to land ownership issues.